Nick Harris Detective Academy Training

Our instructors are the best in the industry. They are not just instructors but working investigators! Their background includes, international speakers, former LAPD, US Secret Service, FBI and other notable agencies.


At Nick Harris Detective Academy we offer 4 separate modules that you can take independently to focus in the area of investigations that is best for you. Each module is very intensive and is comprised of lecture, hands-on training and many times real field assignments.

When you complete a module you will also be able to return to Nick Harris Detective Academy in the future, at no charge, to review the subject for updates in the latest technology and techniques. 

At Nick Harris Detective Academy we offer special training in all aspects of investigations. 

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Training at Nick Harris Detective Academy:

  • Polygraph
  • Surveillance
  • Process Service
  • Finger Printing
  • Criminal and Civil
  • Skip Tracing
  • Internet Investigations
  • TSCM-Debugging
  • Executive Protection
  • Bail Bond Investigations

Module One


  • Surveillance
  • Report writing

Included in the class is a covert camera to capture your subject's activity without being obvious.

A covert camera is a miniature camera, concealed in an everyday object, like a bluetooth headset, pen, button, car remote, etc.

You are also required to have a video camera for the class. If you don't have one we can make arrangements to get you one.

Module Two


  • Internet Investigations
  • Finding Assets
  • Locating People
  • Background Checks
  • Pretext/Telephone
  • Investigations
  • Identity Theft
  • Unclaimed Property

Included in the class is a press pass from National News Service Bureau. This is a valuable tool for those of you who intend on being an "investigative" reporter. It will give you access to internet databases that would not normally be available to the public. It is required that you have a laptop and bring it to class. If you do not have one we can make one available on a limited basis.  

Module Three


  • Personal Injury
  • Insurance and Worker's Compensation Insurance
  • Interviews and Interrogation
  • Process service
  • Court Procedures
  • Criminal Investigations

Included in the class is a digital tape recorder. Process Server registration, bond and badge is an additional fee of aprox. $499. depending on the county/state of registration.

Module Four


  • Executive Protection
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Fingerprinting
  • Polygraph
  • TSCM/Debugging

Included in the class is a unit to detect hidden cameras and audio devices and a kit for finding latent fingerprints. The value of these products are approx. $250.00

The instructors in this class are working investigators and experts in their field.

Every Module is a 4-day class with a minimum of 6 hours each day. Normally held Monday to Thursday from 9am to 3pm. Class schedule may vary. Weekend classes are also available with 2 ten hour days.
Cost is $1200 per Module. Ask about any specials.